I build an application for a client in Access97 and gave them the MDE version which includes the Access97-runtime (because they have an Office (2007) version without Access).
When they try to open the MDE-file, the get the error:

"You can not convert or activate a MDE file" (my translation of the original error, in Dutch:
"U kunt een MDE bestand niet converteren of activeren.")

When I tried to install it on a PC with Office-2010 Starter Ed. (which is without Access), it worked fine.
Could anyone explain me what is the reason for the error, and how to solve it? By the way: I can not convert the application from Access97 to a newer version (like Acces2007),because I only have the Access97-runtime, and because the client doesn't have Access, I have to include it in my installer-file.