Hi friends ,hope you all are fine and doing well.I am working as a security guard in for my company, recently our company has started expanding its ware house and workshop and it hired three companies to complete the project.As a part of my duty is to check identification and work pass issued by our company of the labors and keeping records of there entry and exit time.
In early days of this project i use to deal with hundred labors only, but now after 8 months since the project has begun , am dealing with almost 450 labors daily .Recently i was thinking that if there is any way to ease down with this situation , instead of writing down names of labors ,entry time and exit, etc.
Is there any user friendly software for such problems, is it possible to use barcode scanners or reader to read photos of labors from there ID cards and there data entered automatically with all there details necessary like entry and exit time, mean while also showing there documents or Gate passes , either valid or not.Hope you understand what i mean, and sorry if you feel that am not conveying in correct way.But friends, this is all what is in my mind and i know that your intelligent visions have figured out about what am asking.
Thank you very much