hi... to all
the following code is to deploy the reports programatically...

i've one problem ..
by using the filestream it takes more time to load the reports..
hence burden on server..
is there any option or any solution to make less burden on server....

one more thing the records are converting to bytes hence getting late to load..

code.ReportingService20051.Warning[] warnings;
FileStream stream = File.OpenRead("E:\\Rptsubcharts\\charts\\charts\\s amp.rdl");
reportDefinition = new Byte[stream.Length];
stream.Read(reportDefinition, 0, (int)stream.Length);


warnings = (code.ReportingService20051.Warning[])rs.CreateReport(reportPath.Remove
(reportPath.Length - 4, 4), @"/test1", true, reportDefinition, null);

please help me...