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Thread: SQL Server with VB and ADO

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    Don Bryson Guest

    SQL Server with VB and ADO

    The ADO Command Object has a collection of Parameter objects.
    All parameter objects added to the Command paramaters collection are passed to the stored
    procedure when the execute method of the command object is "run".
    These parameters are passed to the procedure in the same order they are added to the
    paramater collection. I need a way of sending the ado paramaters to specific stored
    procedure parameters. An example below

    Create Procedure Test
    @inArg1 int = 1,
    @inArg2 int = 2,
    @inArg3 int = 3

    BODY of procedure
    End Procedure

    How using the Paramaters collectionof the command object can I pass a parameter to
    JUST inArg2. If I define two paramaters then inArg1, and inArg2 will get values. If I
    define one parameter then inArg1 only will get a value. I have no way of doing this in

    execute test inArg2 = 9;

    please e-mail with help!

    Don Bryson
    Icon Solutions

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    Brad Guest

    Simple Log Shipping in SQL 2000

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