Hi everybody..

i've created one SSRS in that i've connected to the database having four fields..

now want i want is to calculate the salary page by page and at the last grand


i've kept one extra column in table and kept one running field and made it as

hidden. i've taken one textbox and placed in page footer with the

expression="PAGE RECORD TOTAL="& Last(reportitems("Subtotal1").Value)

where subtotal1 is a running field and i'm taking the last value of that.. and printing in

page footer..

Now my problem is when i run the report the value will be present but when

i click on preview or take the print the value will be disappeared..

please help me..

And when i make the running field hidden=false then it will display while printing also..

i dont want to show the running field i want to hide it..

i've created the report with the following link


please help me