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Thread: Need help with a query

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    Need help with a query

    I have 2 table
    first table. employee( empid- primary key ,empname)
    eg: employee table
    1 john
    2 martyn
    3 davis

    second table documents(empid,documentname)
    eg :
    1 address.doc
    1 worksheet.doc
    1 salaryslip.doc
    3 address.doc

    each employee have only one entry in employee table
    but in document table , zero or more entries are inserted for each employee.

    i want to write a query that gives an output shown in below

    empid empname documentflag
    1 john true
    2 martyn null
    3 davis true

    that is, if documents table have at least one entry for an employee ,then set corresponding document flag is true. otherwise set document value as null

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    select a.empid,a.empname,count(b.empid) from employee a,documents b
    where a.empid=b.empid group by a.empid,a.empname,b.empid

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    Try this:
    select, if(count(d.document_name)>0,'True','False') as flag from employee e left join document d on = d.employee group by;


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