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Thread: HELP ME PLEASE: sql db setup local web page

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    HELP ME PLEASE: sql db setup local web page

    I need help, but if you point me in the direction on what to read on the web, I'm pretty sure I can make it happen. I work for a company who has data stored in sql. I've been told that the server is Sqldata2, I've been given the user name, password, and database name. What I've been asked to do is create an internal only web page that people can view and modify records on a table name in the above credentials. I just don't know how to get it going code wise or how to search the web on this setup procedure. What am I missing and how do I proceed or what do I search for on the web to get started? I can get all the way through the dreamweaver site setup except for when it asks for a http: address. I tried including localhost on that but nothing I try works. I've setup this situation where the database got uploaded via me to a hosting company... so I have a little experience with this, just not when it's local =[

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    Take look at asp related topics in msdn.

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