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Thread: Unable to create a database diagram

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    Unable to create a database diagram

    I have installed on my pc sql server 2005.I used to be able to create diagrams.Something happened to the pc so I had to uninstalled sql and installed back again.Now I started having challenge in creating diagram.It tells me that I am not allowed cos I am not the owner of the db.
    AdventureWorksDW does work ie allows me to but it does not create any relationship with any of it's tables and that means I cannot create a cube using ssas.
    I'll be happy to get effective replys

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    Did you apply sql2k5 sp3? By the way, you should post it in sql2k5 forum.

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    Can you post the exact error message that it is displaying when you try and create a diagram? Is there any extra information in the error log?

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