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Thread: NT & SQL Services

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    David Blanco Guest

    NT & SQL Services

    Is there any way to separate NT administration from SQL administration?

    I mean, SQL Server users who have privileges to stop it, need NT privileges to stop "any service".

    What I'm looking for is a way to restrict those NT priveleges so SQL administrators only could stop SQL services and no more.

    If I restrict SQL administrators the NT privileges needed to stop services, they can't stop SQL Services anyway.

    I would please any response.

    Thanks. :-)

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    Deji Guest

    SP2 reports "unable to verify state of the server"

    I am having problems installing the SQL2000 SP2. The installation keeps reporting "setup is unable to verify the state of the server for an upgrade" This happens after the process had stopped the services. The process will then abort.

    The instruction for SP2 says to stop the MSSQL, SQL_SERVER_AGENT and the DTC services before installing SP 2. Even if I leave the services running, the SP2 installation process will stop them, fails to start them and then abort with the error message.

    Any ideas, gurus?

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