Hi everyone,

I am graduating in May 2010 with my Bachelor's degree in Database Management. For my capstone class, I have to interview someone in the Database Management profession. My goal is to understand the language and culture of this profession.

Below are the interview questions I need to ask. I would be extremely appreciative if there is someone who is employed in the database management field who could help me by answering these questions?

  1. (optional) What company do you work for and would you classify it as small, medium or large?
  2. What is your title?
  3. How would you describe the culture? (Is it warm and friendly? Is it more competitive and individualistic?)
  4. How much do you think this culture of your field changes based on the organization where you work?
  5. What kinds of written communication are required?
  6. Who is the audience and what is the format for these documents?
  7. What features are important in these documents-- for example, is it important to be objective? Is it important to be detailed and concise? Why?
  8. What other kinds of interpersonal communication are an integral part of this job? (Do you use e-mail? Instant messaging? Do you give oral presentations?)
  9. What kinds of skills do people need to be successful in this kind of interpersonal communication?
  10. What typical problems do new hires have with communication in this job?
  11. How did you overcome these problems when you first started?
  12. What type of language is used in this career? (For example, what kinds of technical terminology or key concepts are essential for you to understand?)
  13. Why are these concepts and terms important?
  14. What changes have you experienced in the culture and language use of this career?
  15. What future changes do you expect?

Again, I will be very grateful for all help on this.