I have an issue for calculating moving total for last year.
I have written a MDX for calculating moving total at day level. It works well for all year but not for the leap year.
Say for example for March 1st of 2007 is moved into February 29th of 2008. In my case it should be shown in March 1st of 2008.
This is my result set

I have followed the below MDx query for the calculation
Member [WeekAndVal] as
(iif(isleaf([Time].[All Years-Week].CurrentMember),
Aggregate( { parallelperiod( [Time].[All Years-Week].[Day],
365, [Time].[All Years-Week].Currentmember).lag(2)arallelperiod( [Time].[All Years-Week].[Day],
365, [Time].[All Years-Week].Currentmember )},[Measures].[POS Value]) ,
aggregate( {ParallelPeriod( [Time].[All Years-Week].[Year], 1,
[Time].[All Years-Week].CurrentMember ).Lag(2):ParallelPeriod([Time].[All Years-Week].[Year], 1,
[Time].[All Years-Week].CurrentMember )},[Measures].[POS Value] )))

How can I rectify this issue?
Urgent reply needed.

Thanks in advance