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Thread: Sybase Top N in Subquery

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    Sybase Top N in Subquery

    I know SET ROWCOUNT won't work here, I'm looking for a workable solution.

    Two database tables linked in a one-to-many relationship.

    I need to get the data from table 1, and a single field from table 2 based on the earliest date from a date field.

    In SQL it would be easy:

    SELECT Table1.*, (SELECT TOP 1 datefield FROM Table2 WHERE Table2.linkfield = Table1.linkfield ORDER BY datefield) FROM Table1

    I need some way to get the same sort of data from a Sybase database.

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    You have to group rows at the second table by linkfield and then you will get the one.

    select Table1.*,
    from etav_test1 t2 ,Table1
    where = group by

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