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    I have some SQL Servers and I would like to use Linkedserver but when I try to use an impersonation it can't login

    Mens. 18456, Nivel 14, Estado 1, Línea 1
    Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.

    The use who start ALL my SQL Server is the same, a specific account of the Windows Domain (mydomain\SQLUser), this user is member of a group called mydomain\SQL-Admin which has sysadmin role on ALL SQL Server.

    My user is member of same group (SQL-Admin)

    Te security tab:

    Where is the problem? how can fix this problem?


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    Try linking the SQL instances utlizing the default admininstrator name (sa) and the password you defned for the SQL Admin when you set up each instance.

    Hope this helps,

    Larry D

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