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Thread: Is MS ACCESS Scalable ?

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    Is MS ACCESS Scalable ?


    How many user MS ACCESS can support simultaneously more than 500 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMKA View Post

    How many user MS ACCESS can support simultaneously more than 500 ?

    If you have your database properly configured for multiple users (split into front end and back end) then you can:

    1) Using a JET/ACE back end (Access database) you can have in theory 255 concurrent connections. Practically, you hit a wall at less than 50.

    If you need over 255 users then:

    2) an SQL Server. This is dependent on the limits of this database server.

    I find the number of user is more dependent on the back end database format. Using an SQL server will probably be the best if over 50 users.

    With that many users, what will be the size of the back end (how much data)? Some databases, Like Access, have a 2 GIG file size limit.
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    The Upsizing Tools are Pretty Good ...

    ... too, if you already have a design in MS Access that you want to scale to MSSQL Server. I've used them recently to get a simple design to 2k8, and everyting went very smoothly.

    Just a point of interest ...


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