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    Unhappy ProvideX

    Our company is considering purchasing an application built using ProvideX. Is anyone here familiar with ProvideX? From what I have been reading online, ProvideX is a flat-file database application development platform built on Business Basic.

    We are looking at a few different applications. The other applications are SQL/VB.NET relational database applications.

    Does anyone have any information on ProvideX? Is it an obsolete development platform?


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    I've been developing in Business Basic for over 20 years, and ProvideX for 11. (inventory/accounting/distribution applications).

    I like the speed that I can move from prototype to production quality code. The toolsets are pretty good when it comes to bringing older legacy applications up spec to sit side by side with newer apps.

    This platform is not obsolete. It's actually pretty darn reliable and easy to maintain which is what I look for when I design apps that are going to be run for >10 years.


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