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Thread: Loan Amoritization Calculation in SSRS

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    Loan Amoritization Calculation in SSRS


    I am trying to find a good resource or sample code for generating monthly loan statements in SSRS based off of information in T-SQL tables (such a loan amount, interest rate, taxes, insurance, due date, etc.). I have a query to summarize an entire amortization schedule if the borrower makes all payments on time, but I have no dynamic way of showing a daily balance based off of compounding interest taking into account how much the borrower has paid or has not paid (which may be greater than or less than their monthly payment amount). I also want the functionality to add a Late Fee to the principal balance if the payment received date is after 10 days of their due date. All of these loans have the same terms and I don't want to spend a lot of money buying another piece of software to be able to pull of the transactions being stored in SQL. Any suggestions for a good, cost-effective way to enable SSRS the run these calculations and generate monthly statements with that information?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi I am trying to find a decent SQL course for beginners but obviously I don't want to pay £1000 due to my redundancy.

    Any suggestions will be hugelly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    A Couple of Points, for Starters ...

    Assuming you can't find a simple structure / design where someone has already done this (versus re-inventing the wheel for something that I would suspect is very common), you might consider stored procedures / user-defined functions / other RDBMS-based "heavy lifting." That way, you could simply pluck the information from the data source with SSRS, versus putting the calculations in a report (and therefore putting them in EVERY report).

    Just my 2c. Let us know how it goes, and get back with any specific questions - we'll try to help any way we can.


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