Hello friends,
I want to build a "demo" of Intranet, using IIS, ASP and MS SQL Server 6,5, for demonstrating to potential customers .

As it will be a demo -and not a real piece of work- I want to work from
something that is already built.

For this reason, I have consulted several books and visited some web-sites,
but I have found nothing up to now. I have downloaded the "60 minutes
Intranet " existing in Microsoft.com, but it is not what I want. I would
like a more profesional site, with a SQL database (something similar to
Lotus Domino Intranet Starter Pack, for example) .
Any help you can give me (web address, book with CD, source code, samples
from Microsoft or any other software company, etc..) will be very welcome.

Thanks in advance