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Thread: sql query question

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    sql query question

    Hi everyone i'm new in the forum, so nice to meet everyone
    i have several questions for you but first i need your help with one

    i got this query
    -- consulta Resumida CRL
    select c2.URL as CRLDP_URL,c1.FechaActualizacion as CRL_Fecha_Actualizacion,
    c1.SiguienteActualizacion as CRL_Siguiente_Actualizacion,
    (select count(*) from entradacrl where pofFirmaDigitalID=e.pofFirmaDigitalID) as Cantidad_Entradas_CRL,
    (select CommonName from persona inner join Certificado on PersonaID=pofPersonaID
    where FirmaDigitalID=c.toFirmaDigitalID) as Titular_Emisor

    from firmadigital fd inner join certificado c on fd.FirmaDigitalID=c.ToFirmaDigitalID
    inner join crl c1 on c1.FirmaDigitalID=fd.FirmaDigitalID
    left outer join crldp c2 on c2.CRLDPID=c1.ToCRLDPID
    inner join persona p on p.PersonaID=c.pofPersonaID
    left outer join entradacrl e on e.pofFirmaDigitalID=c1.FirmaDigitalID

    where c1.FechaActualizacion between '1/5/1950' and '4/5/2050'
    and c.ToFirmaDigitalID=(select c.toFirmaDigitalID from persona inner join Certificado on PersonaID=pofPersonaID
    where FirmaDigitalID=c.toFirmaDigitalID and commonname='prueba6')
    group by c2.URL,c1.FechaActualizacion,c1.SiguienteActualiza cion, c1.CRLID, e.pofFirmaDigitalID,c.toFirmaDigitalID, Titular_Emisor

    my problem is that the last part of the group by clausule (Titular_Emisor) gave me an error because sql doesn't recognize it, how can I include that Column in the group by?

    thank very much

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    i already work this out
    thank so much i'll be posting more querys and asking questions ty very much

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