I have a calculated member that I defined within BI Studio within the Calculated Members dialog.

The calculated member works but I need to add a filter to contrain by a related Skill Dimension however I am new to MDX and am struggling with how to write this within the Visual Studio Calculated Member interface.

Here is the existing (working but needs to be filtered);

iif(([Measures].[ABNCALLS] + [Measures].[ACDCALLS]) <> 0,([Measures].[ACCEPTABLE] - [Measures].[SLVLABNS]) / ([Measures].[ABNCALLS] + [Measures].[ACDCALLS]),0)

I need to append a filter somewhat like the following to filter out all but SkillName1 ...

Filter (
[Dim Skills].[SkillName].Members,
[Dim Skills].[SkillName] = [[Dim Skills].[SkillName].&[SkillName1]

How do I do this within Visual Studio Cube Calculated Member interface?

Thanks in advance!