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Thread: AS2k How to create a required dimension? Help.

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    Question AS2k How to create a required dimension? Help.


    I'm new to AS 2000 and I'm basically trying to accomplish 2 things:

    1) Have a required/forced dimension, where the user needs to select a dimension to continue using the cube, for example: Force the user to always choose the sex dimension M or F.

    2) Basically eliminate the "select all" function and force the user to either select M or F but not both.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Couple of Questions ...

    From what level / point are you attempting to "force" user selections in their "use [of] the cube ...?" From the reporting application? (If so, are you planning on using Reporting Services?) From the cube browser in Analysis Services?

    Get back with a description - as brief as you want it to be - about where you want to enact these rules, and I'll see what I can offer as suggestions.

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