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    Analysis Servicies Mdx

    I need help I need to create a single calculated member which allows add (accumulate) the securities months, quarters, semesters. but with the following sentence works for me is creating a separate calculated member for each one, all together if I get error if not using a CASE can do, I can INDICATE HOW CAN I USE THE CASE or some other function

    AS SUM([TIEMPO].[BG TIE Mes].&[1]:[TIEMPO].[BG TIE Mes].CURRENTMEMBER,[Measures].[BG HEC Valor]),

    SUM([TIEMPO].[BG TIE trimestre].&[1]:[TIEMPO].[BG TIE trimestre].CurrentMember,[Measures].[BG HEC Valor]),

    SUM([TIEMPO].[BG TIE Semestre].&[1]:[TIEMPO].[BG TIE Semestre].CurrentMember,[Measures].[BG HEC Valor]),
    FORMAT_STRING = "#,#",
    VISIBLE = 1;

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    Have You Seen My Article RE: CASE?

    Have you taken a look at the following article here at Database Journal (a member of my MDX Essentials series)?

    MDX Scripting Statements: Introducing the Simple CASE Statement

    I give guidance in the use of the CASE statement therein that will help you meet your stated need, as I undertand it. Check it out, and get back if you have any further questions...

    Good Luck!


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