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Thread: Server Crash: SQL hung on ESX box

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    Server Crash: SQL hung on ESX box


    I wonder if anyone has come across the same issue and would share your experience with me:

    I have a sql 2k5 (SP2-Standard) server that resides on an ESX box (v3.02). It had been running for a year without any issues until last couple months. The sql server keep getting hung (no network activity, no connections can be made, CPU & Memory % used = 0) at the last weekend of the months, Sun or Sat. I was able to connect to the VI client directly to the ESX host and go to the sql server console welcome screen but couldn't do anything. Every time this issue occurs, our SA has to issues kill commands on the ESX server and Power the sql server back on.

    We got VMware Supports involved but they couldn't figure out what really caused the issue. When the server went back online, I went to the sql log folder and look for any dump files but couldn't find one. I also checked on my job schedule and couldn't find out any conflicts between any of them.

    Any thought/comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

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