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Thread: Database Backup & Restore Q's

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    Database Backup & Restore Q's

    hi, forum: I am a rusty Sybase user, and just received sybase solaris dumps from a client.

    Sybase version -> 12.5.4 - Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.4/EBF 14065 ESD#3/P/Sun_svr4/OS 5.8/ase1254/2030/64-bit/FBO/Sat Oct 14 07:19:31 2006
    Solaris version -> 5.8 Generic_117350-10

    I have two questions:
    1) I have installed sybase v.15 - can I easily restore an earlier db version to this version? Anything special to do?

    2) Being that it is a SYBASE Windows platform, can I restore a Solaris DB Dump to a Windows Sybase server? If yes, how?

    Please advise asap! Many thanks!

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    Thumbs up Well, here's the answer......

    I guess there isn't much audience for Sybase anymore:

    I figured I will post my learned answer here, since I hate getting dead-on Google hits with my search words, and no answers!

    THe answer to the above question is YES!!

    I was actually amazed how v.15 could read the files and pick up the header info that brought it from 12.5, AND from a Solaris cross-platform to an x86 windows environment!!

    SYBASE support couldn't(wouldn't?) answer this for me.

    But some successful experimentation proved its salt.

    Caveat, I understand that the x-platform thing is only on sybase 12.5 and above.

    Hope that helps!

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