I have a table which consist of four fields.

FieldA | FieldB|FieldC|FieldD
1 |test 1|5 |d
1 |test 2|6 |f
1 |test 3|0 |w
2 |test 3|5 |r
2 |test 2|5 |y
2 |test 1|5 |e

How do I display the data using complex sql query if possible or using excel pivot to show the following:

FieldA | Sum of Field C for same A value |test1|test2|test3|
1 |5+6+0 |d |f |w
2 |5+5+5 |r |y |e

I may use group by FieldA to do the sum. But the later part where each of the rows of FieldB changes to columns ..seems struck me..