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Thread: Barcode scanner and inventory management, how to scan & search for entry?

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    Barcode scanner and inventory management, how to scan & search for entry?

    I am new to MS Access. I would like to know is it possible to do the following?

    I have an inventory list of many items with bar code numbers in Excel file. I imported that into Access. So.. is it possible to do this: As soon as I scan a bar code on an equipment, it will look through the database to see whether it exist or not? If it does not exist it will tell you. (And it will be even better if it will have an option that lets you mark that the item is there).

    Is there any tutorial on this sort of inventory management? I tried to search but I didn't get any result that meets what I want. Please advice, thanks in advance.

    P.S. Once again, I am new to MS Access. I would love to have some guides on what I am supposed to be looking into if I want to learn more about this sort of database management. Though this case is urgent, so I would love possible solutions. Thank you again.

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    It is possible to do with Access.

    A bar code scanner is just keyboard input. Access does not even know or care that you did not type the info into the control.

    I would develop the form to work so when you scan or type the item number into a combo box control and then press the enter key. Using he after update event to run code to do the processing. You can then use the Not In List event of the combo box to add the item if you desire.
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