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Thread: Sql Query

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    Sql Query

    i want to make a query::::
    plz help

    i have a table:::: temp

    A B
    1 a
    2 a
    3 a
    4 a
    5 b
    6 b
    7 b
    8 a
    9 a
    10 b
    11 b

    i want the output to be

    From to B
    1 4 a
    5 7 b
    8 9 a
    10 11 b

    so plz help me......i m not getting the answer

    i have made like this

    select min(A),max(A),B from temp group by B;

    but it is giving me

    1 9 a
    5 11 b

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    You might be able to do this with a sub query.

    It is possible to write some VBA code to loop through the data and write the results to a temp table.
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    could you attach your db...

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