I'm not quite sure myself.. is it my problem just can be solve using sql query, or its more complicated than that..

say i got PropertyTbl with attributes in it

and i'm trying to make a search using a keyword out of it..

This is the SQL that i used,

SELECT * FROM PropertyTbl WHERE (Title LIKE '%keywords%' OR Location LIKE '%keywords%' OR Remarks LIKE '%keywords%' OR Owner LIKE '%keywords%') ORDER by Title ASC

And it will return any records that have at least one keyword in any of the attributes. sorted by Title

the exact thing i want is, if the keyword appears in the Location, then i want it sorted first.. then follow by other records. its like.. search in all.. but the priority goes to Location if got match and appear first compare to other result else sort the result by Title ASC

hope someone will understand this .. any help ? thanks