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Thread: LogShipping in SQL 2005

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    LogShipping in SQL 2005

    Hi all,
    I am trying to implement log shipping in SQL server 2005 using Primary and secondary server..
    1.From Primary server I am able to do the backup and storing in to Shared folder.
    2.that transactional files are copying in to secondary server.
    3.while restoring that files i am facing problem like
    The restore operation completed with errors. Secondary ID: 'c1601568-79e3-4e36-b6cb-655585ad2ec6'
    2008-11-04 14:30:00.94 ----- END OF TRANSACTION LOG RESTORE -----

    could any one help me on this?


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    That message didn't tell anything, get complete error from sql server log and post here. By the way, how did you restore the db? You restored manually or by log shipping wizard?

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