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Thread: You might have noticed! Site Changes

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    You might have noticed! Site Changes

    You might have noticed that we have tried to update this forum a little bit to make it cleaner and easier for you to post. You'll find a bit of a reorganization of the forum areas as well as the addition of descriptions.

    You'll also find the Database Lounge which is a casual area where you can talk about the latest episode of Heroes, about your favoriate bands, or anything else that is publically acceptable!

    This forum has also been added so that we can provide you with feedback on the site (such as the changes we just made). More importantly, this forum is for you to be able to comment to us. Tell us what you like and don't like about this forum and the sites associated with it. Give us your thoughts so we can make this an even better site!

    Don't like our organization? Tell us. Think we are missing something? Let us know. This is the place!

    We can't promise to act on every suggestion, but we will read them all and take them seriously. We often get conflicting suggestions, so we will try to do those that make the most sense for the overall community!


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    I’m sure you’ve all noticed that our forums have been re-organized, with several new forums added. The Feedback forum, one of the new additions, is the place to come if you’d like to make suggestions to improve the forum or offer praise for a job well done. (We love the praise part).

    Thanks for joining us and we hope you’ll be a part of our community for many years to come!

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    Unhappy Sql lessons

    Dear Brad,

    Who would should I talk to about the lessons. I'm on lesson 6 (Updating records). I find that the examples givn are not explained indepth enough for a beginner to understand it. It means nothing to me. What does "set" and "operator" mean. I have just come to the conclusion that the update happens at the = "newvalue" bit and the conditions are the other bits. Am I right. I don't think it explains it thoroughly enough because I had to peep at the first answer to the statement exercises in order to understand how the update process works although there are still a few clarifications I need if possible and would be grateful for. The eBooks we can download and Best Practice Tips, will these be helpful to someone at my stage. I would be grateful for any help because I'm a stay at home mother who is trying to strive for a career in this area and am willing to put in the study time and have been doing so, so far nearly every day for a good few hours to better my children's lives.

    Thank you in anticipation and look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


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