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Thread: Have Plenty of SQL Background just not in MS SQL 2000

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    Have Plenty of SQL Background just not in MS SQL 2000

    Hello all

    I have a strong SQL background, but have never worked on MS SQL 2000. I have a deadline to create a file by the end of the week.

    I need to extract data from a table within one of the data files on our server. I need to then output that data into a text format and place it into a folder under the C: Drive.

    I have been able to create my SQL statements using the Query Analyzer and have had success in generating the results into a crude text file using the Print Statement with a variable that contains the concatenated data fields and the results to file option. Now that the SQL produces the data required, I need to know how to automate the SQL to run every night and how to achieve the "results to file" when executing the SQL.

    I did figure out somewhat how to schedule a job, however I am unsure if in the Command box for the step I can just enter my SQL Text. In addition, I could not find any way to indicate where I want the results to go.

    Any thing from suggestions of what to read to outright step by step directions would be greatly appreciated.

    I can be reached at

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    You can set scheduled sql job to run your query via osql or in dts package, find details in books online.

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