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Thread: unable to deploy sql server express

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    In the connection string I used "Server=servername\SQLExpress;", that works fine on the local network, but not remotely. "Server=servername;" does work when connecting from outside the local network.

    I have only one instance of SQLServer running so I guess that's the default.

    Anyway, I am glad it works, and thank you for all your help.

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    1)Although the Microsoft documentation doesn't say that directly, but named instance does not accept remote connection on 1433, use different port( I have been able establish ODBC connection on 1433 but it failed on later stage anyway)
    2) Make sure that you cleared out TCP Dynamic Ports
    3) On client side the port number must be explicitly specified
    4) Don't forget open port 1434 for SQL Server Browser
    5) Check that Server actually listning for the port (netstat may help)
    good luck
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    default means without the name, you have named instance

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    Sounds you have named instance on your local machine but default instance on server, connection string should be different.

    Named instance uses dynamic port by default, but you can use 1433 for it if that port is not used on the server. You need port 1434 only when sql engine listens on dynamic port. And don't have to specify port number on client if uses named pipes protocol.

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