I am trying to get the resultset of a table in StoredProcedure
in Cyrstal Report 5.0 , MS Sql Server 6.5 is the Backend
THere is a main Stored Procedure SP1 which is populatingthe
Main Table say T1 . This SP1 is calling another SP say SP2
which is populating table T2 . A cursor is then set on table T2and
based on certain conditions the main table T1 is populated .
Our problem is that this entire thing goes fine at the ISQL
Level . But when the same SP SP1 is getting called by CrystalReport
then the data inserted in SP SP2 is not visible at all . Itseems that
somehow the data is geting lost thro ODBC etc.
We tried all combinations of T1 and T2 making thempermanent and
temporary . But each way there are some or the other problem .Many
times we are getting `Cursor already exists ` with temp. tables. or
table T2 is already existing .

PLease reply soon ,