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Thread: AVG(CASE) Statement - Help Please

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    AVG(CASE) Statement - Help Please

    I am trying to get avg score by site, by call type. Columns are Site(varchar), Calltype(varchar), totalscore(float). Calltypes are A, B, C, D. Sites are 1, 2, 3, 4. I can do a straight average statement and only get one calltype.
    I want to do a CASE statement to get all average scores for all calltypes.

    Select Site, avg(totalscore) as [Avg Score]
    WHERE calltype = 'A'
    GROUP BY Site


    Site Avg Score (for A)
    1 85
    2 75.5
    3 85.33

    SELECT Site, AVG(CASE WHEN TotalScore > 0 AND CallType = 'A' THEN Totalscore
    ELSE 0 END) AS [Avg Score For A]
    GROUP BY Site


    Site Avg Score For A
    1 i get 8.5
    2 i get 37.75
    3 i get 36.57
    Why am I getting a difference?
    Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you

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    the problem is in the way you write your avg case.
    simply remove the else 0 and you will have the same result.

    When using the else 0 you are basically increasing the number of rows that match the casetype = 'A' because you replace a null value with 0.

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