Iím trying to setup push subscription, which I have done to many times.
Issue: after setting up the subscribtion (push) ,
Publisher : SQL Server 2000 Enterprise edition x86
Subscriber : SQL Server 2005 Enterprise edition (64 bit)

1. snapshot agents captures the snapshot successfully
2. distribution agent start deploying the schemes and bulk inserts
3. as it a big database and big tables, bulk insert takes a while ( therefore Iíve extended the distribution agent querytimeout limit to avoid timeout)

problem :
as I was monitoring the sysprocesses for the sessions that replication creates , I can clearly see the one session which is doing a bulk insert. So far everything is fine. After a while(Random) another session start. From same source server (publisher) and even uses the dedicated replication about. And this new session tries to drop a table (not the one which other session does bulk insert on)

spid : 64
statement: bulk insert
blk: -

spid : 70
statement: drop table
blk: 64

and this lock stops everything as session spid 64 will never finish and I will get a message that process is waiting for a response from the backend server!

I have restarted the target server. Recreated the target databases. Also tried to test it on another subscriber and that did work( but that was a 2000 machine)!!

At the mean while I think itís good to mention that I have got loads of other subscriptions to this very instance, itís just Iím struggling on one subscription!

Many Thanks