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Thread: SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 Postback Issue

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    Need Blog Transcript

    Please send me copy of the transcript.


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    Having issues with parameters and reporting services

    Seems I'm not the only one that gets the "Report parameter values must be specified before the report can be displayed. Choose parameter values in the parameters area and click the Apply button." error. It was working fine until today when I added new reports to a Sharepoint site. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Talking for all those looking for the missing link...

    Here is an archived copy of that missing article, from your friends at the WayBackWeb

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    group by more then one value

    in my table I have colum call FeeType
    the possible values :

    Fee 1st Installment
    Fee 2st Installment
    Hall Fee 1st Installment
    Hall Fee 2nd Installment
    other Fee
    special fee

    if I want to group by
    (Fee 1st Installment
    Fee 2st Installment) in one group, (Hall Fee 1st Installment
    Hall Fee 2nd Installment) in second group, and others on the third group . what can I do?
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    To begin, I just want to say "thank you all for making me not feel like I am the only person afflicted by the 2005 Report Server Autorefresh weirdness"

    With that said... I may have a tip that can some folks out there.

    Even with Default Parameter values not having VBScript functions bound to it, and instead having bound a Dataset to a param... do you still get this weird autopostback thing?

    What we found, is that by simply changing the Parameter Label to NOT being ParameterCaptionIndented, life was much much better.

    Give this a try !


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