Hi All,

First post on your forum, so if this is in the wrong section I apologise, haven't been able to locate any help on this so far. A colleague has 'very kindly' asked me to look into this for him.

I'm using Access to access an SQL database. When I first try to connect ot the database i get -
Connection failed
SQLState: S1T00
SQL Server Error 0
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Timeout expired
click OK
Then get asked for the server login, leave all info as is and hit OK and then I get to see my data

Any help is appreciated folks

Wasn't sure if this would be useful - Connection string
ODBC;Description=Issues Log User Sec;DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=GBDAL11W3AS025;APP=Microsoft Office 2003;WSID=GBDAL11D1VRN61J;DATABASE=IssueLog;Truste d_Connection=Yes