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Thread: moving database to new server

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    Dts copy logins task works as well.

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    thx Rainbow river and rmiao..

    yea.. DTS for logon name. that's what i use to transfer user after i restored the database in new server. but only transfer over the user.. not the permission. everyone is same. but like you said. sp_change_users_login did job done.. but some of the login name under security suppose to be sa still need to manually modify.. but with is sp.. it is much easier.. i use

    select 'exec sp_change_users_login' + '''auto_fix'', ''' + name + ''', '+ 'null' from sysusers where status <>0 and uid not in ('1', '2')

    to list up the script with all user in that database and run them.. so i dont have to type one by one..

    but really.. thanks guys.
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