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Thread: Migrating DB2 UDB to PostgreSQL

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    Migrating DB2 UDB to PostgreSQL


    Whilst preparing a document to assist our technical team to migrate
    from DB2 UDB to PostgreSQL, we found that there are several
    differences in syntax & implementation between the two, despite
    both being in compliance with SQL standards.

    In addition to listing out the syntax & implementation differences
    between the two databases in the document, we have also listed some
    examples to demonstrate to the technical team how to convert the
    stored procedures, functions and triggers.

    In the document we have also listed other conversion considerations,
    and the differences in features and functionalities between the two

    You are welcome to use the document for your own reference, and may
    make any comments or changes to the document which would benefit the
    open source community.

    If you wish to contact us please email us at :
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