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Thread: Move table to different filegroup

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    Move table to different filegroup

    I will be moving production SQL databases (one is 25Gb, the other is 3Gb) to a new server. One of the reasons is the old server has only IDE disks while the new has raid (I don't know the configuration yet).
    Database 1 has a primary and one other filegroup. I want to spread the disk I/O by moving table A to it's own filegroup on it's own disk.
    For the purposes of testing I have
    1. brought a database onto a test server (using sp_detach_db, copying the files and attaching using sp_attach_db)
    2. created a new filegroup
    3. created a physical file on disk, allocated space and associated with my new filegroup

    my question is how do I now move table A into this file?

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    Just recreate clustered index in table a on new filegroup.

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