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Thread: Member Properties Calculation

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    Member Properties Calculation

    Hi everybody!!! I have the folowing problem:

    Iīve created a dimension with a member properties, this member propertie is a number.. Ex: dimension EMPLOYEE, and member propertie AGE.

    Then i create a Calculate Member like this:
    (I called it EmployeeAge)"age")

    Now i want to make an operation with this new member like sum this member to another.
    Ex: NewMeber = [Measure].[EmployeeAge]+[Measure].[Salary]
    I couldnīt do this, i get an #ERR

    Someone can help me?


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    You likely need only to convert the text-string member property (that's just the way they're stored) to a numerical value so you can perform math with it.

    See my example on Page 3 of the article I published at this Database Journal URL:

    Let us know if ot works for you ...

    Good Luck!


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