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    Does anyone know if it's possible to use drill-through function, liked it's used in cubes in Analysis Manager, in a webreport in Reporting Services? With drill-through i mean the functionality to see individual rows from the database for a single cell in the web-interface.

    Anders from Sweden

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    Pretty sure it is possible but I have not done much with Analysis Services.

    You need to create the drill through report with a dataset that accepts the parameter you want to filter on, go to the text box properties on the cell you want to link from, Navigation tab, select the "Jump to Report" radio button, select the drill through report from the drop down list and set the parameters in the parameters button.

    Hope this helps.


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    The last respondent gave a good approach from an RS perspective. You can also create a Dataset based upon the MDX DRILLTHROUGH statement within a query defining the value upon which you wish to drill, and parameterize the new Dataset to include the DRILLTHROUGH statement - or to leave it out.

    I have an article in the pipeline scheduled to publish in October within my Reporting Services series at:

    I also discuss the MDX statement involved in my October MDX Essentials series at the same location, which will publish two weeks before the RS article, I believe.

    Sign up for the Database Journal newsletter, if you don't already get it to remind you on the respective weeks, so you can read the articles.

    Good Luck!


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