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Thread: How to hide not-owned tables from users?

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    How to hide not-owned tables from users?

    Hi all,
    This may seems dummy but scenario is:
    I have one schema called user1.I have created another user called user2 that I want to have select,insert,update,delete privileges on tables of user2.
    Initially I granted only resource,connect to user2.Then I created and ran a script that grant select,insert,update,delete to user2.But When I query all_tables (connected by user2) I can see many more tables that are not in user_tables.
    I tried to revoke access to those additional tables from PUBLIC but no chance.What should I do(revoke) to have same result from user_tables and all_tables?!
    -Thanks in advance
    PS: Also our .Net developers that use ODP.NET see many many more tables in list of tables.(They are connected with user2)

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    You cannot revoke access to those additional tables listed under ALL_TABLES
    If you want to see the tables you own you must query USER_TABLES

    ALL_TABLES shows info about all objects that the user has access to. These objects are accessible to all users.An owner column is present here as opposed to USER_TABLES in which info is present abt structures owned by the user

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