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Thread: maintenance plan maybe not working

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    After much pulling of hair, I think it's a problem with the xp_sqlmaint function. Jobs created without xp_sqlmaint work fine. I've tried running those maint plan jobs both on the server and on my machine and neither works.

    I changed the user rights of the sql agent service and the maint plan still didn't work. So I created a job without using xp_sqlmain and it ran fine.

    Thank you all for your help! I appreciate the support!

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    i have just created a maintenance plan on one of my servers and had the same issue. My situation was resolved after getting the history of the job writen to the server and viewing it, it appears that the option i checked in the Integrity tab was causing the problems.

    I had selected to check database integrity, to include indexes and to attemp to repair any minor problems. The job was failing with the error
    '[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Repair statement not processed. Database needs to be in single user mode.'. I unchecked the 'repair' option and the job runs fine.

    i do now however have the job of getting the database off line as there appear to be errors in the index!!!


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