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Thread: MS SQL Server data files size question

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    MS SQL Server data files size question


    we are running a Microsoft SQL server and our overall database size is around 290GB. We currently have a total of 16 data files for that database. I have a couple of questions I need to ask.

    In terms of performance, when the data files reach close to the size they were allocated, which is better: expanding the size of the existing data files, or creating a new data file? Currently our data files are 17GB each except one which is 33GB

    Also we currently have around 5GB space available. Can limited free space on the hard-disk affect the overall performance of database server? And if yes then approximatetly how much free space would you recommend so that the database is not affected?

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    If it is VLDB, It is better to expand the database {during off hour} manually or automatically when it is reaching 95%. I have a job that checks the free space nightly and expands it when necessary.

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