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Thread: What is a view??

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    What is a view??

    What is the purpose of a view???? How do I use it??? And is it only available in Mysql 5.0???

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    views are many different things depending how they are used.
    the most basic explanation is that a view is another database strucutre, much like a table, that when queried returns rows from the table or set of tables from a pre-defined query. So a view is basically a pre-defined SQL statement that acdesses a set of tables.

    for instance a view is created by :
    create view my_view as select a.*, b.* from a, b where =

    the use of views can be for simplicity (not having to remember the underlying SQL) or as a security measure to hide specific columns from a table from a set of users.
    for instance you may have a view the calculates and returns a bonus for each employee. but you may not want to allow users to see the pay rate or salary of each employee.

    hope this helps.

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    View is available in most rdbms except earlier version of MySql.

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