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Thread: 'Actual' SQL

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    'Actual' SQL

    Hi again guys,

    A quick question. What 'exactly' does aspdb execute as far as sql is concerned when it executes statments. If for example I simply ask :

    Select * from table1

    What exactly does aspdb do to execute the sql. Obviously is it counting, and using some form of fetch first 10 records etc depending on what you set in the dbGridInc option.


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    ASP-db execute the sql and then run the result thru the data transformation Filters and then send the result again to display filters. You can customize a lot masking and effects in these filters. AS fo rthe SQL itself, ASP-db is a pass thru, it just use various Command, connection, adapters and readers to perform the task. For instance, if you do not specify a way to getr the counts of the query, ASP-db has to make one up or do a straight count. If there is TOP sql available then ASP-db have to open the entire set and then get the records. If you have 1,000,000 records, and Have no TOP n type SQL then ASP-db will get the 1,000,000 records and tehn take the first 5 just lik ewhat a datagrid does. Before that happens ASP-db will guess the TOP sql according to the provider.

    Is that what you are asking for?


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