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Thread: Backup libraries - best practices

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    Backup libraries - best practices

    We are preparing to stand up a server with an HP tape library backup system using Data Protector software.

    Our intention is to copy backup files from each of our db servers to the file system of the server with the tape library. There will be two tape rotation schemes where there will be a daily offsite tape and one with a monthly offsite rotation for less critical applications. Our systems group isn't happy about that configuration but are willing to implement what we want.

    My questions are:
    Is there any one out there using one of these and if so can you give me a 10,000 foot view of your process?

    Addtionally, is this the best way to utilize this resource?

    Any serious suggestions and comments are greatly welcomed and appreciated.

    Sidney Ives
    Database Administrator
    Sentara Healthcare.

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    Keeping a copy of your backup in another server/disk is a good idea, this provides you a mean to quick restore.

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