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Thread: Synchronize data via GPRS???

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    Synchronize data via GPRS???

    I made application (using .NET) to transfer data using PDA via GPRS and
    then upload data to database server. The data not update old data but make
    new insert new data to database server.

    If we use USB to synchronize data from PDA to database server, we can use merge
    replication. But i still confused how to synchronize data, if we transfer data from
    PDA via GPRS, then insert to database server???


    Agus Ilmi

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    If I have the correct meaning behind GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), I see no intersect between the subject matter in your question and SQL Server Reporting Services. Am I missing something?

    You may find yourself waiting a long time for an answer posting here. Perhaps MSSQL Server (RDBMS) section?

    Oh, and ignore the guy posting the occasional astronomy questions there ...

    Good Luck!


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