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Thread: generation of subscription

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    generation of subscription

    Hello all,

    I have a data driven subscription with the information about the file name/file extension/ path etc coming in from a database. The problem is that the subscription status after running tells me that things are done and there is no error but the file is not being generated in the specified directory and for that reason the file is not generated at all anywhere on the hard disk. can anybody please help.

    The information in the database for the report is as follows

    FileName : Test1
    FileExtn : True
    Path = \\ram\\C$\Reports
    Render_Format = PDF
    Username = Administrator
    Password = password
    Writemode = Overwrite

    All the fields are varchar(50) in size.

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    Check out my article at this url:

    I go through all the steps, and toss in several tips and tricks to make this "documentation challenged" area a bit clearer.

    Let us know how it goes!


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