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Thread: How to create a measure with count function

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    How to create a measure with count function

    i created a cube that has 2 measures. I created the measures by selecting the columns from my fact table, but the function that applied in the measures was the sum function. I need to apply the count function in my measure. How can i do that?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1) Right click on the cube

    2) Select Edit

    3) In the resulting window, click on the measure for which you want to apply the COUNT function (instead of SUM)

    4) In the Properties Pane, select COUNT as the Aggregate Function

    5) Don't forget to Save the changes

    Hope this helps.

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    You might also want to consider my article re: DISTINCT COUNTS at:

    In addition, I have articles in the pipleline re: optimization of counts - if that is not a consideration in the current instance (which sounds pretty basic), then perhaps it will be useful in a more complex need down the road.

    Good Luck.


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